Instagram’s growth will appear to remain constant shortly. There are 200 million daily active users out of one billion who check one business account at least daily. As a marketer and entrepreneur, it is clear that Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting its products and services.

The Instagram platform has 25 million business accounts. As a result, brands without a well-planned growth strategy will have a tough time competing.

Taking part in an overcrowded market like this tends to make it harder to differentiate yourself. You’re not alone if you wonder how you can stand out. Instagram is a place where competition is palpable. And some brands are taking advantage of dubious tactics, including bots to generate likes, social media services to buy more Instagram followers uk, and automated engagement apps.

You can increase your followers and engagement organically on Instagram by buying Instagram followers uk. The visibility and penetration of your content can be maximized without spending a penny. In this post, we advise you to follow these five best ways to grow your Instagram account that prove effective.

Ways to Increase growth of Your Instagram Account through Organic Methods:

How Can You Grow Your Instagram Account Naturally

Critical performance indicators are website traffic, clicks on links, engagement with Instagram Stories, comments per post, and engagement per follower. Firstly, you must identify your goals.

The following strategies can help you reach your goals once you have outlined them.

Optimize Your Posts

It is still true that the king of the internet is good content. This is especially true on social networks that are filled with substandard content. Your posts will likely grab eyeballs if you follow a few time-tested posting habits.

  • Crack the Instagram algorithm: To determine which posts are ranked first in users’ feeds, Instagram utilizes artificial intelligence. Pictures of friends’ and family members’ posts rank higher than anonymous posts. You must DM, like, or comment on their positions to reach your target customers.

Consistent posting is essential. Study your target audience’s behaviour to generate new topics for your content.

  • Optimize visual content: High-quality Instagram material should have an appropriate size and duration (for videos). Visual content can be easily created with free editing tools.

For Instagram videos, keep them under 15 minutes. An MP4 file format and a jpg or png file format should be used for the cover photos. A 9:16 aspect ratio and 720-pixel resolution is recommended.

  • Post during optimal times: Using Instagram insights, you can build a complete buyer persona for your Instagram audience. It lets you determine the best time to communicate with your followers. To access Instagram Insights, you may need a Business account.

Keep Your Followers Engaged

Do you still have low engagement numbers? The answer is that your content may have no flavour. Regardless of how you present your content, your followers either ignore it or dismiss it. You need great ideas if you want your followers to pay attention to your content. This list of ideas may inspire you when you’re stuck for ideas:

1.    Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allow you to share the personal Story of your brand. Your followers will enjoy stories more than still images because they don’t clog up their feeds. You can drive traffic to your website through your Stories with the help of a swipe-up option if you own a Business account with 10K+ followers. By adding stickers to Stories, you can increase engagement.

2.    Instagram Live

As It’s for live videos on Instagram, as its name implies. In your followers’ Stories, they are an excellent way to stay on top. Viewers stay engaged longer with live videos. You can interview, demo, and Q&A with your viewers in live videos.

3.    Instagram TV

A longer video can be uploaded as IGTV with a cover photo. They are helpful for influencer takeovers and promotions. You can shoot entertaining videos with iMovie or FilmoraGo, free to use.

4.    Hashtags

If You need to explore new pastures to increase the number of followers. You can make your posts trend by using hashtags. Consider your brand and audience when choosing hashtags. Your brand can use HashtagsForLikes to track trending hashtags.

5.    Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways and contests are clever ways to attract new followers. Participants can be instructed to follow your page and tag their friends. Fans can win fabulous prizes, and your brand can get more visibility.

6.    Sneak Peeks

Post-behind-the-scenes videos or bloopers so your audience can be with your journey. Post teasers about upcoming products and events to get people excited.

7.    User-Generated Content

You can improve your brand awareness by utilizing user-generated content. The engagement potential costs nothing to use. Your followers can follow your hashtag and add it to their posts. Your Stories can be updated with relevant content you collect this way.

Use Instagram Shoutouts

There is a lot of co-promotion going on on Instagram. This strategy can be mutually beneficial if you exchange shoutouts with relevant influencers. Shoutouts include a profile link with the brand mention. When a brand is mentioned, it is often presented with the logo of the brand.

Regram Content

The best way to build co-marketing relationships is to regram or repost others’ Instagram content. Furthermore, sharing someone’s work on your account can violate copyright.

You can attribute the original creator if you share someone else’s Instagram content. Don’t share professional work by designers, artists, and photographers. Regram the content of brands you admire. Before reposting their content, ask them if you can.

You’ll need permission from the user concerned before reposting user-generated content on your feed or Story.

Hobnob with Influencers

The influencer is an individual with the ability to impact their followers. Influencers can influence the buying decisions of their followers by building trust. In terms of engagement, following, and even sales, partnering with influencers will pay off in the long run.

It is possible that their followers will become interested in your brand after an influencer recommends it. Trying your products or following your social media accounts may inspire them.

An influencer promotes your brand for a variety of reasons. Influencers can reward their efforts by offering free products/services or commissions. In addition to goodies and exclusive offers, some micro-and nano-influencers accept shoutouts and monetary compensation.

Final Thoughts

It is more important than ever to survive to the fittest in today’s world. Brands have been forced to find unconventional marketing methods due to the intense competition on Instagram. These strategies are free or very low cost, so they don’t eat into your profit margins. Your account growth will remain competitive by following these organic growth strategies. But if the above method doesn’t work, you can buy uk followers on Instagram.

An excellent place to buy real Instagram followers uk is SMM captain. They provide genuine and active followers uk at a fair price. I hope the above tips will help you to grow your Instagram followers organically.