Best Tools To Track Instagram Follower’s Growth (Free and paid tools)

Even though follower counts on Instagram are more of a tempting metric than anything else. But most people still desire to boost their uk Instagram followers count. People who like your posts and are willing to share your images and videos with their friends are the “followers.” Sometimes fan bases are not as beneficial, but you cannot ignore them. Why is it so? It is beneficial.

Do all Ig profiles that follow you are real? Here are a few classic methods to inform you of your account growth. Because now, the fan count is not the factor that makes the account more engaging as most people buy followers uk.

But the number of “Organic Followers” is essential. Organic Instagram followers are genuine people who find your account via

  • search engines,
  • Share

What is Tracking Instagram Follower Growth?

  • Tracking IG Growth is figuring out the count of your followers who found your page from your brand-linked posts. It includes finding out:
  •  The profile engagement and whether people who follow you are real.
  •  And how much your content gets interacts with your field-related channels.

Value of Tracking

Regular monitoring of the interaction per fan lets you view how engaged the IG people are. This digital handle, Insights, also allows users to discover the posts and stories your fans like the most.

Tracking Metrics

Here are some of the most worthy metrics that you can sort by.

  1. Follower Growth Rate
  2. Engagement / Follower
  3. Reach
  4. Site Traffic
  5. Profile /Clicks
  6. Story likes
  7. So, the Comments

How to Track?

Fortunately for you, various free and paid solutions are available to help ensure you are not caught off guard. Your demands will determine the right pick for you. Manny Analytic Tools by which anyone can check their profile insights. These consist of both :

  • Free
  • Paid tracking tools.

You have to mention the IG username, and you will gain detailed insights about the medium.

Instagram Tracking Tools

You can utilize the following tools to view the IG insights:

1)Instagram Built-in Analytics Tool

Understanding your audience info is an excellent method for:

  •  figuring out who you’re talking
  •  adjusting the content plan
  •  posting schedule accordingly.

This Instagram app’s native analytics tool gives info on your account’s version, consisting :

  • outreach
  •  interaction,
  • followers
  •  Instagram adds

It’s not unduly complex, but it’s still valuable for quickly summarising the version. You can access the insights tab in the account’s dashboard once you have moved to the brand account. You can easily buy real Instagram followers with a focused marketing plan.


Begin with an Instagram audit for firm accounts from Iconosquare. This free IG analytics tool gives you the info:

  •  on your reach
  • saves
  •  engagement
  • likes,
  •  and shares
  • More.

It also tells how the Instagram figure compares to the avg rates. Iconosquare’s key edges are:

  • refined scheduling
  • personalized post feeds
  •  comment tracking.

Iconosquare users receive news about what the fans search for on their profiles. Users can so choose which supporters are practical and manage them properly.


Increase interaction and lead vis compelling branded experiences by fueling the trade initiatives with graphic material from actual people. Brands can utilize squarelovin to boost their trade sector across all handles. they make it by :

  • using visual stuff from an actual individual
  • resulting in enhanced engagement and conversions via powerful customized experiences.

Moreover, squarelovin not only assists marketers in identifying and organizing relevant images but also links products to content and puts it where it matters most.


Crowdfire is a web and mobile social media application that lets you discover and schedule social media content all in one location. Crowdfire has different pricing categories. However, its free plan allows you to build analytic reports on the success of your social media accounts.

Some of the system’s key feature

  1.  Content publication
  2.  bulk scheduling
  3.  article curation
  4. hashtag advice
  5. customer service management
  6. post analytics


Hootsuite is a fantastic tool for managing social media network channels. Hootsuite’s social listening and analytics capabilities enable you to examine your Instagram numbers in greater depth. Social media listening is a unique approach to engaging with your client base. The social listening capability can buy Instagram followers uk for your brand.


It is a reliable IG analytics app for examining your account’s past and real-time acts. It allows you to keep track of hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc.


Whatagraph can help you create a convenient Insights report. So that you can share it with your:

  • Workforce
  • virtual assistant
  • social media manager.

You can generate a cross-channel media platforms progress report to compare performance across several channels.


Your follower growth gives you a comprehensive picture of your Instagram performance. Your follower count can impact your brand’s Instagram engagement. Measuring it can help determine whether it’s time to change your approach.