Instagram videos are starting to show up more in the feeds than ever. People are now shifting towards video content. We are not saying that the image-driven network has abandoned the picture content. But to think of it, videos are also images technically. Honestly, we believe images are essential on Instagram, but videos are becoming the next big thing on the network.

Instagram has a separate corner for video content on each user`s feed. If you didn’t already know this, go to your homepage and just under the bio, and before the grid starts, you can see the icons. The cuboid is for the grid, which is obvious.

The middle icon is the one we are referring to, the little tilted triangle. If you tap on it, you can check out all the videos posted on your Instagram feed. Not just you; anyone who visits your profile can see them. You can boom on Instagram with your videos.

Getting More Views on Instagram Videos is a Task.

Before posting videos in your feed, the essential thing to understand is that your videos need to be clear and high quality, just like images. It matters greatly if you post high-resolution, explicit videos on your feed. Posting blurry and unclear videos will reflect poorly on your brand. So the number one tactic to think of when creating videos is to style them aesthetically pleasing.

You can use similar tactics for your image content, like hashtags etc. Pay ads are another stunning feature to get your content to more audience with little effort. Of course, the money goes out of your pocket, but it is worth the reach you get in return. It is clever to think of professional ads as an investment in your industry or career.

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