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How Does Instagram Compare With Its Rivals?

A rival on Instagram is an Instagram account that appeals to your target audience or shares the same audience as your business. They can be divided into three main categories:

Businesses that sell your products or services and operate in the same geographic region. Other companies that sell services or products that can be substituted for yours are considered indirect rivals.

Non-business users who are influential and critical opinion leaders publish content relevant to your sector. You must consider every type of competitor when creating your Instagram marketing plan. They are creating content that is relevant to your target audience.

What Makes Instagram Competitors So Important?

You should always be aware of your competitor’s marketing and sales methods, including how they use social media. It may be advantageous for your business to know who your competitors are on Instagram and what they’re posting. For example, you can:

  • Find motivation in their content: What are rivals sharing on Instagram with their followers? Can you use it as a model for your own? When you need fresh content for your social media calendar, you can consult your competitors’ pages to assemble a list of ideas for future use.
  • Look at your competitors’ accounts to determine what types of posts get the most engagement. Are they using Instagram reels or video content that receives many likes? Do they provide quotes or questions that elicit reactions from their UK Instagram followers?
  • You may miss out on opportunities for partnerships and collaborations if your rival frequently interacts with and nurtures relationships with other Instagram accounts.
  • Consider using hashtags your competitors are using: Your target audience will likely search for or follow hashtags used by your competitors. Include these hashtags in your Instagram strategy to reach similar audiences.
  • Discover trending topics: By frequently checking the Instagram profiles of your competitors, you will gain insight into hot topics. By utilizing this information, you can publish articles about them promptly and establish yourself as a market leader.

It’s not only about what they’re doing well; completing an Instagram competitive analysis helps you determine what you can improve upon. For example:

  • Analyze your audience’s behaviour to determine the best posting time (e.g., when they are most engaged).
  • Use Reels, Stories, and carousel posts to maximize your Instagram impact.

Finding And Defeating Rivals On Instagram

Even if you know your primary competitors, you may find that some of them have surpassed you on Instagram. You can use these six clever techniques to locate and defeat your Instagram competitors.

Within Instagram, Search For Keywords.

You can find competitors by searching Instagram for your brand and industry keywords. Use the box at the top of Explore to enter your chosen term. Filter your search by account to see a list of accounts whose names or bios contain your keyword.

Make Sure You Survey Your Audience

Consider asking your current customers and followers who they perceive as your competitors. For example, you could ask:

  • Ask site visitors for feedback using a pop-up poll.
  • Focus groups with devoted customers should be conducted
  • Direct message your followers with questions such as, “What brands do you admire or follow?”

Keep Track Of Industry Hashtags

Follow hashtags about your products, services, or market segment to discover which business accounts publish about industry-related topics and find your competition. You’ll see posts from your competitors in your feed, too.

In addition, you can use the Explore feature to find keywords specific to your industry. Go to the tags page to view and follow hashtags relevant to your post. Popular postings, including those from influencers, are displayed first.

Watch for essential industry hashtags and how companies use them to inform your future content strategy. Take note of their formats, and emulate them as part of your content strategy.

Analyze The Influencers Your Competitors Use.

It is the most common marketing strategy, with 79% of companies employing influencers to increase their Instagram reach and sales. Explore an Instagram page of a competition to find out which influencers it collaborates with. Either approach these influencers for collaboration or find influencers with similar engagement, following, and profiles to collaborate with.

Clothing retailers may see Primark as a competitor. Consider collaborating with Yolande Macnon, Laura Dams, and Macy Fancy (or other accounts with similar audiences).

Make Your Content Exceptional (Better Than Your Competitors’).

It is one thing to know what your competitors are up to, but quite another to use this information to create Instagram content that your audience will love.

Don’t forget to add your creative spin to your competitors’ content. Examples include:

  • Experimenting with different types of content formats
  • Analyzing the types of material that engage your audience
  • Increasing brand exposure by collaborating with influential industry figures.
  • You can steal your rivals’ audiences by testing paid advertisements.
  • Consider running Instagram ads (if your budget allows) after you have more information about your audience and competitors.
  • Using Instagram’s Lookalike Audiences based on your existing audience, you can target people based on their demographics or interests. If you target them correctly, your material will reach the appropriate audience, which may already follow your competitors.

Those who enjoy what they see will also follow you… and may even become paying clients in the future.


Probably your competitors are monitoring your company’s account. Investigate what they’re doing so you can outperform their content and gain the attention of your target audience.

Instead, build a more robust content plan that appeals to your target audience using the data you’ve obtained from your competitors’ studies.