Achieving hundreds of views on Instagram videos isn’t easy because you must put in lots of time, effort, and planning to gain attention.

Do you have an interest in increasing Instagram video views? You have come to the right place because, in this article, we will give you tips to get more Instagram views for every video you post.

Is there a Way to Increase Instagram Video Views?

Picking the Right Hashtag

A hashtag can be used to reach followers beyond your Instagram account, which is why it should not be taken lightly. Since you can see posts with trending hashtags on Instagram by merely tapping the Search icon, finding the best hashtags on Instagram is relatively straightforward. On Instagram posts with just one hashtag, engagement is 12,6% higher than those without any hashtags.

Put Your Videos Up at Peak Times

When it comes to life and social media marketing, timing is everything. Instagram video posting times aren’t precisely standardized due to conflicting results from various studies. While this is true, you should post your videos on Instagram during the afternoon or evening hours when most people are at home; otherwise, your results will be modest.

Additionally, different brands have their peak times, so you should find out when you are posting your video on Instagram so that it is the most effective time to post.

Make Pre-Edits on a Computer

Android and iPhone smartphones can take high-resolution videos, but they lack many features that video editors like Wondershare Filmora provide. When you pre-edit videos using Filmora, you can create videos with 1:1 aspect ratios or use the breathtaking visual effects offered by this fantastic video editing software.

A computer also permits you to add intros to your videos and adjust the transition between shots, giving your Instagram videos a professional look.

Video Behind The Scenes

In addition to instant access to events organized by their favourite brands, social media provides users instant access to their favourite brands’ events or projects. You should post videos showing the behind-the-scenes of your Instagram account. It will attract attention.

Whenever possible, post behind-the-scenes videos on your Instagram account so that you will be able to gain more views for your Instagram videos.

Utilize Instagram Stories and Boomerangs

Instagram has almost doubled its user base since it was introduced in August 2016, showing that it is popular and essential. Instagram Stories videos are capped at 15 seconds, which is plenty of time to make a compelling short video.

Boomerang is an exciting feature that combines the best elements of a photo and a video, giving you a lot of room to experiment and try out to buy cheap instagram views uk.

Share Your Videos

If you’re having trouble getting people to view your videos on Instagram, you may want to repost them, as some of your followers might have missed them.

Your Instagram account needs to be updated regularly, but occasionally you need to buy insta video views uk. A report can also be an excellent way to show a video you might have missed to new followers, who you will likely receive every few months.

Video Ads on Instagram

You can extend the reach of your posts by investing money in video ads by choosing an Instagram business profile. Buying advertisements to promote your Instagram page may be the answer to getting more views on your videos.

You can begin reaching new markets for your products and services when targeting a particular demographic with video ads.

Use Instagram to Promote Your Website or Other Social Media Accounts

Likely, your friends on Facebook are unaware of your Instagram account, so rather than continually trying to reach new users, rely on those who already know you. Buy Instagram view uk can bring new customers to your site by connecting to other social media platforms.

Your Instagram videos will likely receive more views when you mention your Instagram account to friends on social media.


When boosting your Instagram video views, cheating is not a good idea, but you can purchase fake views. It has been proven that organic content delivers better results than paid content, and besides, you run the risk of being falsely accused.

Creating high-quality content consistently and being patient are keys to improving your video’s visibility. We have explored several strategies in this article to help you do that.