No chronological Feed; it is time to learn about tips to boost the Instagram Post Reach, Today Instagram algorithm sort the content on the follower’s feed the algorithm. So the non-chronological pattern of Instagram makes marketers worry about the decline in organic reach and interaction. Indeed they suggest that businesses buy Instagram followers’ likes UK, but they still require hard work.

Are you one of the worried Instagram users with a low interaction rate and less reach? if yes, then relax; there are various mediums and tips by which you can approach a notable number of fan followers with new algorithms

What is the Instagram algorithm and interaction rate?

Instagram posts the cone on the follower’s feed with more likes and per the follower’s preferences. If your post interacts more with them, algorithms place content higher on the uk Instagram follower’s post feed. So now you must look for the means to get more interaction and reach.

Here what do we mean by the engagement rate? It is the action users take to respond to the content. the interaction can be on the stories, live sessions, IGTV, Carousels, etc., following metrics this photo-sharing app uses to measure the ER:

  • like on any content from Stories to IGTVE, reels to Lives session, and post to carousal posts.
  • comment under the post
  • reply to story
  • DMS
  • Even hitting the likes icon on the story
  • the views numbers also help in the interaction rate

So here, you need to earn more likes, views, followers, and comments count on the content. How to make it happen? Some means help you to get the right results. But how does the ER increase the reach of the posts?

How Engagement rates Boost the Post Visibility

Before moving towards the points, you must find the link between viability and engagement rates. When your post gets more likes or responses, you earn more ER. High ER means your content will be at the upper place on explore tab and the follower’s feed. So a large number of audiences view your stuff.

So how to increase the ER?

There are many means, but the quickest one is to buy services.

Buying active Instagram followers UK and

buying is the perfect choice to boost the ER rate and increase the post’s visibility. You can also buy Instagram views UK to get desirable results.  BUT!

Be aware of the fake seller; they can spam your Instagram profile and counterfeit accounts and count.

Other Means to Increase Reach

Many unique ways are there to give a boost to the IG post.

Find a suitable time to post the content.

It might take some time to have a long-term experience of your fans’ activity. Recall it’s decisive to guarantee that users post when most fans are online.

If you have a business account, you can view the activity of the fans vis insight, but we have some guides for you. Here, the time of posting depends on region to region. You cannot upload at Uk timings if you target the Australian audience.

General timings

  1. Monday:12:00 PM
  2. Tuesday:9:00 AM
  3. WED: 11:00 AM
  4. THU: 11:00 AM
  5. Friday: 2:00 PM
  6. Saturday: 9:00 AM
  7. Sunday: 7:00 PM

Best Timings to Target uk followers

Thursday 7 AM, 12 PM, 7 PM

  1. Friday 9 AM, 4 PM, 7 PM
  2. Saturday 11 AM, 7 PM to8 PM
  3. Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM

Play with #tags: tags for fans’ base and likes

Hashtags are the heart of all social media channels. The elements instantly increase the reach and approach of the post feed. So using the right and searchable tags per the niche is a must. here we have collected some for you:

  1. #love
  2. #photooftheday
  3. #photography
  4. #happy
  5. #nature
  6. #instagram
  7. #like4like
  8. #repost
  9. #instadaily
  10. #beauty
  11. #friends
  12. #me
  13. #family
  14. #life
  15. #music
  16. #makeup
  17. #follow4follow
  18. #igers
  19. #nofilter
  20. #sunset
  21. #beach
  22. #motivation
  23. #instamood
  24. #lifestyle
  25. #followforfollow
  26. #l4l
  27. #handmade
  28. #likeforlikes

Ask Questions and Arrange contests to increase engagement.

Asking queries or hosting giveaways is a reliable medium to engage your fans with the post. You can ask the fan to hit the like icon on the photo, share the Instagram post and save it from being a part of the contest. By doing this, they are increasing the ER and boosting post visibility. You can also make them like your latest post or other content like SMM captain.


So, are these paid and unpaid tips helpful in boosting the reach of your pot on Instagram? Hashtags and timing to post the content are beneficial.