Instagram is one of the advanced social media platforms, and one of the ways to engage with your followers is by liking their comments. This simple gesture can go a long way in making your followers feel appreciated and valued.

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Instagram recently introduced the ability to like comments inside the app. You may not be able to like a comment on Instagram if you’re used to Facebook comments.

Unlike Facebook comments, Instagram comments are not threaded. Therefore, you cannot respond to a comment and start a new discussion. In addition, the like button itself appears differently. Unlike Facebook’s “Like” button, which is just the word “Like,” Instagram’s “Like” button resembles a heart that becomes red when pressed.

Aside from these small changes, liking a comment on Instagram is rather straightforward.

What You Need To Do To Like Instagram Comments

  1. Open Instagram’s app.
  2. Find a post with at least one comment.
  3. Then tap “Read all feedback.”
  4. If you like a remark, tap the heart next to it.

When you like a comment, Instagram will notify the user whose comment you liked. Under a remark, you can see how many likes the comment has received. It’s possible to “dislike” a remark if you click the love icon a second time, though we’re not sure why.

Like comments are a great way to interact with your fans, but did you know you can also use them to gain more Instagram followers? According to our research, you can get up to fifty new followers every week by simply liking comments on Instagram.

Comment Liking On Instagram: Increase Your Followers

Start by drafting a list of your competitors. If you don’t have competitors in the traditional sense, make a list of Instagram accounts that are comparable to yours. There should be at least ten accounts on the list, and each account should receive at least five comments on every post, but the more comments there are, the better.

Follow these accounts if you haven’t yet. You can get their updates in your feed if you follow them. You can also set up post alerts for these accounts so you won’t miss anything.

If you notice a post from a competitor or a series of comparable accounts, click on the comments and like each one.

How Does Liking Instagram Comments Work As A Growth Hack?

You get a push notification when you like a remark. Most people are curious when a stranger likes their remark, so they often look at your profile page to find out who liked it.

It is crucial to keep your page’s content aesthetically appealing and to compile an accurate list of rivals or accounts that are comparable to yours if you want them to follow you. If you’re doing it correctly, people will want to follow your page because they’re interested in your articles.