Meta announced a new subscription service for social media verification in February 2023. But what is it, and is it financially viable?

Meta Verified: What Is It?

According to the announcement in the Meta Newsroom, the verification is a monthly paid subscription for getting more features on Facebook and Instagram accounts. A subscriber’s profile will receive a blue verification emblem as a sign of their membership.

That Include:

  • Account monitoring
  • Live account support
  • Stories and Reels-exclusive stickers.
  • 100 Facebook stars each month.

Meta Verified sounds familiar because it followed Twitter Blue’s launch in 2022. The main differences are the additional features, which appear to be more effective at preventing impersonation, which was a problem with Twitter Blue.

Snapchat also introduced Snapchat+, a paid subscription service, in 2022, making Meta the newest entrant in the paid subscription market.

Meta Verified requires you to be 18 and submit a government-issued identification card. After subscribing, you cannot change your name or birthday.

Meta Verification Cost?

  • For iOS and Android devices, a monthly payment of $ 14.99 is implied to web base interface of Meta Verification.
  • The product is also available in the following regions:
  • The price on the web is 19.99 AUD, and the price on iOS and Android is 24.99 AUD

NZD 23.99 is the price on the web, while NZD 29.99 is the price on iOS and Android.

Initially, this subscription was started in Australia and New Zealand in February 2023, followed by the United States in March 2023. The Meta website currently lists a waiting list for the service in all regions. No launch dates have yet been announced for other areas.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Meta-Verified?

Blue verification badges have long been a symbol of social media verification on Facebook and Instagram, providing users with a simple way to enhance their online presence.

The original benefit of Meta Verified was increased reach and visibility, but it was removed before its US launch. Increased reach may result in your articles appearing in other users’ feeds or Explore pages. The feature may be reinstated in the future by Meta if you want to reach a wider audience or spread your message.

You can also trust other platform users if more individuals submit identification for a blue verified symbol.

Meta Verified offers substantially fewer features than other social media subscriptions, such as Twitter Blue, which is its primary disadvantage. For the same price, Meta Verified offers significantly fewer features. There are still unannounced features so that the service may become more similar to others in the future, but it consists primarily of verification. In spite of the fact that this feature is helpful for many users, not everyone will be interested in it. Meta will need to offer more to entice casual users to pay.

How Cost-Effective Is Meta Verified?

The advertised features are subject to change, so Meta Verifier’s value for you may also change. Additionally, every user has a different response. For instance, you may not be interested in Meta Verified if you don’t frequently post Stories or use Facebook Stars.

Verification may be a worthwhile investment, however, to assure your audience. It costs $12 monthly, less than other popular subscriptions, such as certain streaming services. Instagram and Facebook, two of the most prolific social media platforms, are also included.

Small creators and online influencers will benefit most from subscribing to Meta Verified, enhancing their social media credibility. Ordinary users won’t gain much from it.

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