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Create A Discrete Visual Style

A consistent and unique visual aesthetic, ideas, and values are essential in establishing a tone for Instagram accounts. It highlights the significance of personal branding and how it can sell more than anything else. To make an Instagram feed appear exclusive, individuals must consider how they want to be perceived by their viewers and strive to be consistent and distinctive in their approach. You must develop your online personality and maintain consistency to establish a distinct voice and style.

Use Persuasive Design

The aesthetic design of a webpage is crucial for creating a positive first impression on consumers. While the freedom to express oneself is essential, creating a unified and captivating feed is also important. Just be meticulous while considering the order, colour palette, and filters used for images on Instagram. The header and navigation elements bind everything together, and the profile’s headline should include essential details about oneself or a business. A website must be easy to navigate, with all relevant information easily accessible.

Maintain A Schedule

Posting content on Instagram during peak user activity is essential to ensure maximum visibility. Weekdays are generally better than weekends for posting, with specific times identified as the best: Mondays from 11 am to 1 pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 am to 12 pm, and later on Thursdays and Fridays. However, it is crucial not to over-post and tire out your followers with excessive frequency. Regular posting is essential, but quality should not be sacrificed for quantity.

Community Involvement

You can’t expect anyone to take notice of your Instagram page unless you’re already well-known. You’re not Beyonce (or whatever you believe to be an A-list celebrity), so you’ll need to work hard to attract attention.

To accomplish this, you can connect with communities built around businesses or online personalities you find interesting or relevant to what you do. You can join one of these communities by commenting on other members’ posts (whether they are celebrities, regular people, or brands).

Don’t engage in blatant self-promotion, and avoid being overly cheesy. Engage in sincere dialogue and share your honest views but do so with respect and etiquette. However, it may be a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself or your business and give people a reason to visit your profile.

User Generated Content

One way is to share user-generated content to show interest in what followers provide. Another way is to run contests or challenges and reward the audience for participating, which increases engagement rates. Collaboration with micro-celebrities whose values align with yours can also foster a community. The ideal formula to make Instagram content engaging and unique is “knowledge plus aesthetic value plus entertainment value.” Posts should share valuable and accurate information or showcase high-quality and creative photographs.

Descriptions or hashtags can add value to visual posts. It is essential to avoid being too commercial and posting anything that doesn’t align with your brand’s image to prevent damaging your reputation. The article suggests keeping 60-80% of ad-free content filled with value. To build an active community, it is essential to entice compelling, engaging, humorous content, not just for Instagram’s algorithms.

The Takeaway

It may be a hit-or-miss game, and what worked for one blogger may not work for another. However, the point is to attempt and experiment, not worry too much about “popularity” measurements. Make Instagram posting a creative endeavour that brings you delight rather than a tedious chore by experimenting with various forms and connecting with your audience.