Social media is the land of magic and fantasy; it takes you on the journey of a fairly land that makes you happy. In the digital era, the young generation cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy; it is why they are badly affected by mental health issues.

Do you know an avg teenager spends around 9 hours daily on social handles as per the current study? If they are not studying, this generation is stuck to mobile phones and tablets and does not interact with people in the real world. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook is the only medium via which they communicate with their fellows.

Are Social Media Bets For The Users?

Indeed, it is one of the best means to interact with friends and family, which is positive. But remember, this platform can be exhausting and take a toll on people of every age, especially teenagers.

The UK Royal Society for Public Health studies young adults and 15000 teens regarding social handling habits. What they find? Fear of missing out, bullying, anxiety and depression are the factors that Insta can cause in young minds. Do you know it can affect the sleeping pattern and have a negative impact on the body?

As per the behaviour health consultant at Abington-Jefferson Health, the more social platforms the young mind uses, the higher the chances for anxiety and depression. It becomes their job to respond, monitor, and check social media requests, and it is not a good thing.

All Glitter Is Not Gold.

Another harmful impact of all social media platforms is that simple for young minds to associate themselves with others. With one swipe and a click on the screen, they notice the wrong reflection of life. They think all glitter is gold, but it is not.

Physical compression is the primary problem with social handles among all other issues. As per Lopacinski, we take every tit and bit on social handles at biological value. Yet, a selfie with unique filters and perfect editing tools is the usual thing. This continuous compression to the unreal world can end up in:

  • body shaming
  • low-self esteem
  • self-doubt

Boys and girls are struggling to match their peers and be like them. Today people have a ton of pressure regarding selfies for Insta and the striking pose for social media handles. Today teens spend most of their time on Instagram and trying to finish an unrealistic life.

Is There Any Solution To It?

Who says do not use social media for fun and joy but do not allow it to take your personal life? All you need is self-discipline and work to use Instagram followers uk. You cannot stop the younger nation from using social handles but guide them to utilize them more healthily. Mental health professor Lopaciski supports the tactics such as :

  • heavy-usage warning that appears on the smartphone when you exceed the time
  • also, warning for the edited images and much more

Teens need to take steps to secure themselves, specifically if they are dealing with following social media issues.

  • social pressure
  • depression
  • anxiety

Following are the ways Lopacinski shows how to use the social media platform.

Mindful Media:

If you know the effect of the media platform, then it is vital to ask queries like:

  • Are my arm tight and raised?
  • Am I clenching my jaw while using Insta?
  • Am I laughing or smiling and happy when online?
  • What am I looking at?
  • Am I associating myself with another person? Does it feel great?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it a perfect usage of time?

Facebook Friday and Facebook Fifteen

Do you want to give up the daily usage of social handles? If yes, then follow this plan like Facebook Friday. Set the days for using the various

Social handles platforms.

  • Snapchat for Saturday
  • Twitter on Tuesday

If you are not ok with setting the days for using these handles, specify the time for each social media platform. You can limit the usage to 15 minutes. Instagram marketing phycology can remind you about your daily use of it.


So, here is another tip to limit the usage of social media platforms. You need to log in when you get the notification from your close friends and family. By doing this, you will limit the mindless scrolling that may impact your mind.

As per Lopacinski, the teen can positively use the shock media handles. They need to focus on the platform’s usage with the organisation ad community they support.


Are you a teen suffering from the negative impact of social media? If yes, then follow these tips and live smooth and healthy lives. In case of any mental health problem like depression or anxiety, consult the Smm Captain Experts.