Instagram is a popular image and now clip-sharing app with around a billion-plus users. However, have you ever thought about which Instagram post has received the most likes? If so, your curiosity has led you to the correct spot. Here, the reader will get a detailed list of all the top trending Instagram posts.

Instagram is often used worldwide, featuring Reels, Stories, Posts, and IGTV all in one spot. The most-liked Instagram posts have always generated a lot of buzzes. We’ve seen headlines and breaking news on this topic numerous times. Remember the world’s giant egg? I entered a guilty plea for sharing the same post. Do you agree?

The Egg (55.8 Million Likes)

It’s natural, no matter how senseless it seems. Ladies and gentlemen, an egg is what caught our curiosity. A simple image broke Kylie Jenner’s record of an egg!

People say that your intention to do anything is fundamental. This world-record egg account was established to be the most-liked Instagram post. And the entire world did it! Users went crazy for this post, propelling it to Instagram’s most-liked posts! Even Kylie Jenner’s famed egg received a response.

XXXTentacion’s Most Recent Instagram Post (28.9 Million Likes)

The following post will shatter your heart!

Nothing in this world can relieve a grieving heart.

And if the death is unplanned, all we can do is grieve that our most loved star will not be seen again. We are talking about the tragic death of XXXTentacion, an American rapper, singer, lyricist, and performer. The musician XXXTentacion’s final post was made before his death. Surprisingly, this is the only post on his profile.

Wedding of Ariana (26.6 Million Likes)

The cutest singer is already taken! Wuhu!

You’ve probably all danced to Ariana’s hit songs. She is a fantastic singer. But this time, she is not on the list of the most-liked Instagram posts due to her viral wedding photos, driving her admirers insane.

Did you ever imagine Billie Eilish with Blonde Hair? (22.9 Million Likes)

Billie Eilish smashed all records when she revealed her blonde hair in a photo. The singer has worked on numerous new projects for the past few months and has been highly active. Her followers are bombarding her postings with likes and comments.

Messi’s First Post after Signing With PSG (22 Million Likes)

Like stars and the night sky, Messi and football go hand in hand. Messi is restricted from coming up in a conversation whenever there is a talk of football. Messi has been a tremendous player for Barcelona for many years, making history. However, he has now joined PSG.

Recently, he utilized his Instagram likes uk post name to show off his new home in Fresh Jersey and parts of training and check-up sessions to emphasize the importance of PSG, and fans can’t get enough of his new beginning. With 22 million likes, they made this post one of the most loved on Instagram.