Check out these apps if you are seeking Instagram inspiration for your Instagram tale, as uncensored, unfiltered Instagram stories have long since vanished.

  1. 8mm Vintage Camera

Using this antique film camera software, you may add over 70 switch effects to your recordings or capture videos with live effects. Oscar-winning filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul used it in his film “Searching for Sugar Man.”

  1. Unfold

The Unfold Instagram Story application offers a variety of picture and text layout themes that create the appearance of a little digital magazine with its unique picture and text layout themes. With this Instagram Stories template app, your material will have a unified aesthetic appearance. Short templates allow you to create engaging and appealing stories (including those for Facebook and Snapchat).

Although Instagram stories were previously characterized by spontaneity and uncensored, real-time videos demonstrating what is occurring, they have been replaced by curated content. Despite the creators’ claims that they have never spent any money on promotion, numerous influencers are already using this app.

  1. Splice

Splice is an advanced video editor that enables mobile users to edit videos without needing a PC via their mobile device. Some more features are needed, such as adding your music. However, for a free app, it is hard to beat.

  1. Hype Type

Make your writing more dramatic by inverting, reversing, accelerating, and decelerating your words with this movie text animator. Additionally, Hype-Type can automatically generate useful and engaging quotations to provide context for your Stories.

The program can combine several video clips or apply them to a single image or video clip. An extensive selection of font styles and animations is available.

The Hype-Type program enables you to add animated captions to Instagram stories, videos, and photographs. You can already accomplish a lot by adding text and gifs to Instagram stories, but this is how you take it to the next level.

  1. Life Lapse App

Stop-motion videos with Life Lapse are eye-catching. You can become a viral Instagram stop-motion phenomenon! More than 50 courses and instructions are provided for creating stop-motion movies. In addition, you may be eligible to win rewards by participating in its Stop Motion Challenge.

You can create a smooth stop-motion sequence by superimposing one video or picture over another using the Life Lapse stop-motion video app.

  1. Inshot

Apart from the standard video editing tools, you can also access a good music library and Instagram-specific features.

  1. Motionleap

Motionleap gives you the best of both worlds by transforming static images into dynamic ones. Add components and overlays, then adjust the speed to create a bespoke animation. Move the clouds in the sky and make hair fly in the wind as if there was a magical Beyoncé wind machine!

  1. WordSwag

WordSwag is one of the best Instagram Stories applications for overlaying stunning typographic elements over top of your photos to create an eye-catching combination of photo and text.

There are over eighty distinctive fonts and typefaces (on the pro plan), over one million free backdrops from Pixabay, foil, stamp, watercolour text effects, and trendy layouts and frames.

  1. Boosted

With Boosted, you can create sophisticated videos (tutorials, Q&As, etc.) using eye-catching video themes. This app makes Instagram Stories material stand out. You may also use text and music to enhance the visual appeal of your material.

As part of the enhanced app, you can create stylish video templates, add branded effects, fonts, music, and colour, and share videos on social media. Combine various video segments, gain access to the Getty Images video clip collection for free, and enjoy premium features for a fee.

  1. Seen

The creators of Facetune know that Seen is all about impeccable presentation. The app includes templates and stickers, but the app’s dramatic transitions are the main attraction.

With smooth transitions, fashionable themes (including seasonal alternatives), and a vast sticker library, images dissolve into each other, text appears and disappears, and photographs disappear effortlessly. You may combine video and still images in the same presentation.

  1. Adobe Express

You can access tens of thousands of Instagram Story templates available through Adobe Express, along with free creative tools to make your stories stand out by using Adobe Express. You can choose a design, upload your brand’s materials, and add text in just a few steps.

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