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Terms of Services

We are grateful to you for selecting our services. The service supplier is smm captain. All the material available on the website has copyright and trademark laws and regulations backing. This means that if you wish to continue using our services, you have to agree to the terms of use of this website. If you are not comfortable with the terms and conditions of our services, you are prohibited from gaining access to our website in the future and now. However, if you wish to continue using our services, you agree with the terms and conditions of our website and the international laws and regulations. You will also hold a responsibility to abide by any local laws of your region without any liability to smmcaptain.


License to use

You are allowed to print, download a single copy of any material available on the website with consent and responsibility that you are gaining the information wholly and solely for your personal, and in no way commercial interests. It will help if you keep in mind that this access to information is in no way equivalent to a title transfer. Rather than it is merely permission or a license that comes under the following conditions,

  • You will and should not alter the contents of the material you will download or print from our website.
  • Make another copy of any material available on smmcaptain.
  • You will use the contents of this website only for personal information. In no way do you have the right to display the material in a public place or share it in a public forum, online or offline.
  • Any content from smmcaptain is strictly prohibited for any commercial use.
  • Any attempt to malign the website software on the smm captain website is illegal and can be punished by law.
  • You will not attempt to temper with the copyrights and other proprietary writings linked to the material available on smmcaptain.
  • Using the content of this website on any other server and sharing data so that you are not the sole person viewing, using, and in possession of the material is strictly prohibited.



Suppose you were to disregard any of the terms mentioned above and conditions of the smm captain website. In that case, you should consider your license to use terminated immediately by the team at smm captain. In case of a termination of your license, you are obliged to hand over any material of smm captain website, be it in a soft copy or a downloaded document.