It is evident that your audience is truly engaged with your material and that your articles are of high quality if your engagement rate (ER) is high. Surely you want to increase brand engagement and connect with their followers, engaging massive quantities of their consumers and motivating them to act. Your engagement rate will determine your ability to obtain brand partnerships.

The engagement rate is determined by the number of post engagements you receive and the number of followers you have. Instagram has demonstrated that the most important post interactions are comments, likes, re-shares, and views.

These parameters and your follower numbers determine your post’s engagement rate. You can use several tactics to increase your Instagram engagement rate, but the following are the most effective.

Carousel Posts

A carousel is a great way to share in-feed images and videos. It has been demonstrated that they are more engaging than a single image or video in-feed post. The engagement rate increases when all ten slides are used.

In addition to sharing before-and-after pictures, you may also share photo dumps and threads providing helpful tips using a carousel post. You should include information and detail in these posts to encourage your audience to save the post for later, thus increasing your engagement.

Avail the best time to post

It would help if you published during peak hours when you know that most of your audience is online. The more people will see your posts, the higher the engagement rates.

You can determine your peak hours by checking the statistics of your followers. You can determine what day of the week and time of day your followers are most active. Doing so allows you to plan your content appropriately to maximize interaction.

Write compelling captions

Engaging captions will keep your visitors lingering for an extended stay on your page. A caption encourages them to like, share, and comment, strengthening your connection with your audience.

Use snappy language, emoticons, or more space between characters to maintain the attention-grabbing quality of the opening line. If possible, use your captions to create little “how to” tips in the form of a blog to provide value.

It is a good idea to include bullet points at the end of your caption to assist your UK Instagram followers to maintain their attention. In addition, you may wish to ask a question at the end of your caption to encourage them to offer their perspectives or responses.

Relevant Hashtags

A hashtag is a great way to expand your reach, share your content more widely, and increase interaction with your audience. Use your hashtags judiciously and include only those relevant to your content.

For example, omit #stopmotion in a time-lapse video. Use hashtags specific to your calendars, such as #WorldPhotographyDay or #WorldSocialMediaDay. By doing so, your content will be integrated into popular social discussions, and you will receive more interactions.

Also, remember to research the hashtag. Verify it is popular and widely used by other creatives. Additionally, if members of your audience follow the hashtag, it is also a positive indicator. Also, examine the hashtags used by other content providers within your industry.

Share stories that derive conversion

With Instagram’s Story feature, your audience may engage with your content via various stickers. Utilizing these stickers is one of the finest strategies to boost your engagement rate. You can encourage audience engagement and boost your engagement rate by utilizing polls, questions, countdowns, emoji sliders, and quiz stickers.

Be Consistent

You should not ghost your followers to improve your engagement rate. Your followers will become more aware of your posts if you consistently offer compelling information. You must arrange your content and select the weekly pieces you publish to avoid disconnecting with your viewers if you ignore them and leave them waiting for weeks. As far as your workload is concerned, keep it simple and set weekly and monthly objectives that you are sure you can achieve.

Location Tag

In the same vein as hashtags, geo-tags promote your content and increase interaction on your posts. This is an excellent tool for saving additional posts. Make your geo-tag location specific if you are in a popular site, such as a fashionable café or lovely beach. Your followers are more likely to bookmark your article when you encourage them to visit the same website.

Community Management

This is a frequent topic of discussion, and there is a good reason for that: it works! Community management increases your participation. People reciprocate when you go out of your way to connect with the larger community. In addition, you must interact with your followers within an hour of the publication of your post, as this will influence the rate at which additional followers see it.

Make sure you like and comment on posts from similar producers, respond to Stories, respond to your comments and direct messages, and re-share relevant information to you and your audience. By showing your affection to your followers, you facilitate the development of an engaged community and build a bond with them.