The mainstream of popular social media sites and apps makes it easy for users to see their liked posts. But Instagram has other things in mind. When you tap on the heart icon on an Instagram post, it seems lost—except that you copy the post URL and share it with yourself through another medium. But you’re formerly liked posts aren’t gone, and you may see them in a concealed location within the mobile app.

This blog post is not only for uk Instagram followers; the same setting applies to all Instagram users worldwide.

Where Can You Find Your Most Popular Instagram Posts?


  • Sign into the IG account and pick the profile icon.
  • Select Settings from the hamburger menu button.
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the Liked Posts option.

Even if you buy active Instagram followers uk for engagement, you can use these instructions to access your posts. It’s worthwhile to be able to return to posts you’ve formerly enjoyed for a range of reasons. Return to the previous page to see what you’ve earlier liked:

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  • Head to the Explore tab, and look for new accounts to follow based on posts you’ve loved.
  • Read the long caption of a post you loved but didn’t have time to read.
  • Read additional comments to follow along with a discussion on a particular subject as more people see it in their feeds.
  • Leave a comment on a post you adored but didn’t have time to write about.

Revisit relevant information, such as a product, a service, a contest, a fitness programme, or a recipe, that you wish to investigate later. It’s a fantastic approach to saving items that are both fascinating and important enough to revisit.

Revising Liked Posts Has Its Limits.

The Instagram help page clearly states that you can only see the last 300 posts. This is still a significant number.

In the app, you can only access liked posts. It’s unclear whether any posts you liked through an Instagram third-party app like Icon square will appear. A third party app will most likely not help you in this regard since the Instagram app itself is not interested.

Lastly, leave a comment on any post wisely, as you will not be able to find it later. You’ll only have access to posts you’ve liked in the “Posts You’ve Liked” section of your profile settings if you tap the heart icon (or double-tap the post).

All the information in this blog is relevant if you had to buy uk Instagram followers for your page.